Which type of orthopaedic care is right for you?

Each body is unique, and therefore, everyone has different needs when it comes to their orthopaedic care. Dr. Romano is an orthopaedic specialist with over twenty-five years of experience, and he and his team are versed in caring for all types of patients, from young athletes to the aging population. He prescribes holistic treatments that help the body heal itself, giving you the tools to stay active and healthy for a lifetime.

Take this short quiz to find out what type of orthopaedic care is right for you. After answering a few questions about your health and day-to-day life, you’ll be provided with suggestions for the category of care that best suits your body’s needs.

People of all ages and walks of life can benefit from meeting with an orthopaedic care specialist. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, effects of aging, or just want to avoid injury, Dr. Romano can provide care that helps you reach your goals. Get started to see what type of holistic orthopaedic care could benefit you.

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